Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Alterant

Alterant by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alterant is the second book in Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love's Belador series. It takes place directly after the first book with Evalle having to face a tribunal of three gods. They are to decide whether Evalle they need to lock up Evalle because she is a female Alterant. Along with the other problems, there have been a large number of Alterants shifting into their beast form, attacking and killing humans. Three have escaped from their confinement. With the backing of the Belador leader, Brida, Evalle proposes to show her loyalty by finding and recapturing the escaped Alternats. But, she informs them, she then wants them to have a chance to plead their case before the Tribunal. They agree but tell her she cannot get help from her friends, Tzader and Quinn. She has to go it alone. They don't leave her completely without help, though. They give her three all-powerful wishes. The only stipulation is that she cannot repeat wishes. And then they send her to the prison of the last Alterant she sent back into captivity.

I'd been looking forward to this book, loving the previous works of Kenyon and Love and having really enjoyed the first book of the series. But for some reason, I had a difficult time getting into it. It could just have been the mood I was in, but I couldn't make myself get emotionally involved in the story. And for me, that's a big deal. It didn't seem quite as cohesive as the previous books. And reading it felt like watching actors who are technically good but not involving their emotions. Like I said, it's possible (even probable) that I was just not in the mood for this kind of story right now.

I will, however, read the next book in the series. The plot is an interesting one and the world is rich. I may even try giving this a reread in a few weeks to see if it was me or the book.

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