Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 New Book Challenge

Welcome to the 2012 New Book Challenge. This challenge is for those who love reading books right after they come out.

Who can join? Anyone.  If you have a blog, link to that.  If you have a Goodreads account, link to that.  Link to whatever location you'll be putting your reviews up on.

When will it run? From January 1, 2012 until December 31, 2012.  And you can sign up at any time.

How many books do I need to read? Well, it depends on which level you'd like to be.  Here are the levels:

  • First Time Author - Read up to 3 new books in a year
  • Follow up Success - Read up to 6 new books in a year
  • Best Seller - Read up to 12 new books in a year
  • Award Winner - Read over 12 new books in a year
This year, I'm aiming for Follow up Success.

What constitutes a new book? The book has to be released within the year 2012.

How will you know that I've been participating in this challenge? First, you need to add your name to the roster below.  Then, on the last day of each month (or as close to it as I can), I'll post an inlinkz to allow you to add your reviews.

Do I have to add each individual review to the link? Not unless you want to.  The other way to do it would be to have a monthly review page and have links on those pages to your reviews.  Then just link up your link page.

Can I ask you any questions that you didn't answer here? Sure!  I love questions and I'm kind of making this up as I go along.

So that's it.  Sign up below to participate!


  1. What an awesome idea! This is a really nice idea to keep "up tp date" with books. Sadly, I can't participate. Here in Germany, books a really expensive, when they just come out, as they have a fixed price. So I tend to reading books from two or three years ago, as they are cheaper, when they finally come out as paperbacks :-)
    Have a wonderful day!
    (pocci- Gain Blog Readers and Comments Swap)

  2. I'd love to join the fun. I've read quite a few 2011 releases. Of course it helped that I was working at a book store and got my hands on some new releases early :) Love reading your reviews so I can get some new ideas on books to read.

    DeidreArt from Swap-bot (Gain Readers and Comments Swap)