The nose behind the book

When I was in kindergarten, all those eons ago, my teacher refused to believe my mother when she told the teacher that I knew how to read.  Refused to believe, that is, until she heard a small voice reading what she was writing during nap time one fall afternoon.  That's when I started going to the second grade teacher during nap time so I could have reading instruction.  It was one of my favorite times of the day.

I've never lost my love of books.  The library was my favorite place on earth, the stories contained within them my escape from everyday life.  I've been to Narnia through a wardrobe, the wild west with an orphan boy going to live with his aunt and uncle. I've traveled with a pioneer family as they moved ever westward until they settled in the Dakotas.  I've seen alien sands, knew a world where a virus changed everyone, and wished for a spirit horse, a Companion, to come and choose me.  The world, and every world beyond, has been wide open to me just by opening the cover of a book.

I still read voraciously.  The Nashville Public Library allows you to take out 25 books on your card at a time and have 10 books on your request list.  More often than not, my card and request list are both full.  And those are just books for me.  Both my boys (Teddy, age 5 and Peter, age 3) have their own cards, as does my husband, Rich.  We are a family of readers and I couldn't be prouder.

My tastes are as eclectic as my appetite is voracious.  On my shelves (because, along with the books I take out of the library, I also have a huge book collection of my own), you will find mysteries, paranormal romance, superhero graphic novels, biographies, fantasy, science fiction, books about television shows, coffee table books, Choose Your Own Adventures, medical and legal thrillers, children's books, YA books, classics and new releases.... and that's just the books that come to mind immediately.  There are only two genres I haven't cared for - horror and westerns.  Horror because my imagination really runs away with me and westerns because... well, I don't know.  I've just never warmed to them.

So I hope you like reading a bit from this 37 year old stay-at-home mom from Nashville, TN.  I hope that my reviews give you new books to explore.  And if you haven't found anything yet, stick around awhile.  Something will be sure to come up.

-- Amber

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