Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Eternals Volume 1 TPB

Eternals Volume 1 TPB
Eternals Volume 1 TPB by Charles Knauf

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had originally been introduced to the Eternals through Neil Gaiman. (But then again, much of my new found love of comics is because of Neil Gaiman.) I didn't know that they were a reworking of a classic Jack Kirby set of heroes or that there was more to them than a fantastic story woven by one of my favorite writers. But I need to save this gushing for another day, when I do my review of Neil Gaiman's Eternals (since I reread it recently).

Eternals has been in my mind since I first picked it up, wanting to know what happened next. When I happened across the two sequel volumes by Charles Knauf (To Slay a God and Manifest Destiny) during a sale at my comic distributor, I had no choice but to pick them up.

While the story isn't as well woven or engaging as Gaiman's first new outing for them, they were still interesting stories to read. Watching the various Eternals come to terms with who they are, and why the Celestial was there, what it was doing... it did keep me turning pages.

The artwork was very well done, helping to tell the story as it should. There were some wonderful nuances of expression or background that I love to find in graphic novels, letting the reader know that the writer and/or artist is paying attention.

All in all, they were a good couple of books. I'll probably reread them again as well, especially since I own them. I may be able to give a better review the next time around, catching more than I did this time.

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