Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Batman: The Cult

Batman: The Cult
Batman: The Cult by Jim Starlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a strange cult rises within the ranks of the homeless and hopeless, Gotham becomes (if possible) less safe than it was before. Particularly for those in the public life. Batman suspects that Decon Blackfire, the enigmatic leader of the cult, is up to more than just gaining followers, but will he be able to find out what Blackfire's real goal is? Or will he, too, fall under Blackfire's sway?

My Thoughts: While this isn't the darkest Batman that I've read, it is up there in terms of darkness. It opens with Batman in the hands of the cult, chained and beaten, while they attempt to brainwash him to Decon Blackfire's message. The assassination attempts (including the one against Commissioner Gordon) are shown on screen. The madness at the end of the book is chilling. Yet, for all of that, it is a good story. The writing is evocative and the artwork fits the story perfectly. While it's not a story that I'll be rereading, it is one that I am glad that I read. Because it shows just what could happen under a truly charismatic cult leader.

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