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I love books.  Some may say I have a problem, but I can quit any time I want.  Really.  Because of my love of books (and all kinds of books at that), I enter giveaways like a fiend.  I'm hoping to, someday, tempt new authors to my site and host some giveaways, but in the meantime, I want to list the books that I've won and where I've won them from.  As I read and review each one, I'll link up to them so you can see my thoughts of these wonderful books.

Won in 2011

Cover of Darkness by Kaylea Cross (Won from The Book Vixen)
Bloodbourne by Gregg Luke (Won from Cami's Books)
The Amazing Adventures of John Smith, Jr AKA Houdini by Peter Johnson (Won from Goodreads)
Level Up by Gene Luen Yang and Thien Pham (Won from Goodreads)
The Case of the Diamond Dog Collar by Martha Freeman (Won from Goodreads)
Banking, Beer and Robert the Bruce  by Ian T. Fleming-wade (Won from Goodreads)
Eirelan by Liam O'Shiel (Won from Goodreads)
The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson (Won from Goodreads)
Growing Up Rita by Michael de Guzman (Won from Goodreads)
Lunatics by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel (Won from Goodreads)
Bloodborn (Other, #2) by Karen Kincy (Won from Goodreads)
Make Mine a Double: Why Women Like Us Like to Drink (Or Not) by Gina Barreca (Won from Goodreads)
Super Zombie Mega Juice by M.J.A. Ware (Won from Goodreads)
King Larry: The Life and Ruins of a Billionaire Genius by James D Scurlock (Won from Goodreads)
for she, who kept the other alphabet (BlankVerseDead Folio Series) by Pablo D'Stair (Won from Goodreads)
Girl vs Ghost (Misdirected Magic Trilogy, #1) by Kate McMurry and Marie August (Won from Goodreads)
The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground by Chris Webb and Richard J Foster (Won from Goodreads)
Cold Comfort by Ellis Vidler (Won from Goodreads)
Zombie Tag by Hannah Moskowitz (Won from Goodreads)
3 Off the Tee: Make It Happen by Lorii Myers (Won from Goodreads)
Strangers With Familiar Faces by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson (Won from Goodreads)

Won in 2012
Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block (Won from Goodreads)
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg by Doug Bremner (Won from Goodreads)
Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot (Won from Goodreads)
People Who Don't Know Me Think I'm Somebody by Mike Parish (Won from Goodreads)

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